Burley High School


Burley High School is a four-year secondary school in Burley, Idaho. It is the largest of four traditional high schools in the Cassia County School District #151. Its official title is Burley Senior High School and it has only had its 2100 Park Ave. address since the doors opened for the Spring Semester of 1999. The previous school was built in the 1950s, residing at the locally known address of #1 Bobcat Boulevard, and the building still exists as a satellite campus for the College of Southern Idaho. Until the 2006–07 school year, it was exclusively a three-year senior high school, with the freshman class attending Burley Junior High School.

The school’s most notable aspect is the addition of the King Fine Arts Center at the southwest corner of the school. Consisting of a 1,300 capacity audience seating area, advanced sound systems, an advanced fly system above the stage, green rooms, costume/prop loft, catwalks, band/choir practice room, and even a lecture chamber, the King Fine Arts Center remains as the most advanced school “auditorium” in the entire state. It instills a sense of pride among students and local residents alike.

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