Rules & Policies


The Cassia Joint School District #151 Board of Education recognizes the following.

  • The schools belong to the community and that the maximum use of these facilities for the good of all is desirable.
  • The interest of all taxpayers must be safe-guarded and that the school facilities may not be indiscriminately rented for the use of special groups except under well planned regulations and rental schedules.
  • The community has a large investment in school buildings and facilities, and believes such facilities should be used for legitimate community purposes by responsible organizations, associations and civic groups for educational, cultural and civic purposes, when such use will not conflict with or handicap the school program.


  • The availability of the King Fine Arts Center (KFAC) will be determined by the Center Director and/or the principal of Burley High School. In all instances, the use of the facility by the school will come first.
  • Groups who use the KFAC must provide adequate supervision for the participants
  • A deposit of $100 will be required at the time of scheduling to secure requested dates. A $20 scheduling fee is non-refundable. If cancellation occurs more than30 days before an event, $80 will be refunded. If cancellation occurs less than 30days before an event $50 will be refunded.
  • At the conclusion of the event a reconciliation of fees will be made and additional charges will be assessed (less the deposit) to the renter.
  • Physical damage done to any property of Joint School District #151 by the renter,anyone participating in the event, or anyone connected to the renter shall be paidfor or replaced by the renter at the discretion of and to the satisfaction of the school district
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on any school district property.
  • No food, drink or gum is allowed in the KFAC.
  • The KFAC will be used strictly for those purposes for which it was designed. No automotive shows, animal shows, home & energy fairs or similar types of activities will be allowed.
  • Appeals concerning rental fees or use must be made in writing to the Superintendent of the Cassia Joint School District #151.


  1. Only KFAC trained personnel may operate KFAC equipment.
  2. The stage floor may not be marked with masking tape, paint, markers, etc.Marking of the floor may only be done with gaffers tape, which is available at the center. If a performance requires extensive use of gaffers tape, a small fee will be assessed to cover the cost of the tape.
  3. Food, drink or gum is not allowed in the Fine Arts Center. Water in closed containers is acceptable on stage. Exceptions may be made for banquets/dinners held on the stage.
  4. Flash photography is not always allowed during a performance. It distracts both the audience and the performers.
  5. Video taping is not always allowed during a performance. Some performances are copywrited and do not allow recording. When tapeing is allowed it may be done from a seat if a tripod is not used and if any LCD screen is off. Illuminated viewing screens are very distracting to audience members seated behind the camera. If a tripod is used, tapeing must be done from either the back of the house or behind the last row of the audience.
  6. HELIUM BALLOONS ARE NOT EVER ALLOWED IN THE KFAC. Party poppers or any form of confetti are not allowed. Nothing may be thrown into the audience.
  7. The use of all equipment, including dressing rooms must be arranged in advance. Last minute changes often cannot be accommodated as staff required to setup/strike or operate equipment may not be available.
  8. A KFAC Stage Manager must be present on the stage for all uses of the facility.
  9. If the KFAC Director or Assistant Director is not on the premises during a performance, the KFAC Stage Manager is in charge of the facility. Their directions must be followed.
  10. Children are to be supervised at all times in the KFAC. Running in the aisles, etc. will not be allowed.


 The King Fine Arts Center has a professional quality sound system. Portable sound systems may be used in The King Fine Arts Center but are subject to the following restrictions:

1. Speakers setup only in the front of the house normally cause the sound to be too loud in the front part of the audience and too soft in the back. Therefore we ask that you provide a feed from your mixer board into our sound system so that we can equitably distribute the sound over the entire house. You may use your own mixer board, monitors and microphones, but we ask that our amps and speakers be used.

2. Portable sound/light boards placed next to the existing house sound board oftenblock the view of our patrons. If you are using any in-house portable equipment it must not exceed four feet in height.

Exceptions to these rules must be approved in writing by the KFAC Director.




  • The use of chemical or CO2 fog machines must be approved, in advance, by the KFAC Director.
  • Electric fog machines must be UL Approved or inspected and approved by the KFAC Director.
  • Any mess caused by fog machines must be cleaned up by the presenters or a cleaning fee will be assessed.


  • The use of open flame must be approved, in advance by the KFAC Director.
  • In no case shall fire codes be violated.
  • The KFAC Director may require that a Burley Fire Department Officer be present during any use of flame at a rate of $25 per hour added to the presenter’s fees.


  • The use of pyrotechnics must be approved, in advance by the KFAC Director.
  • Explosive devices must be inspected and approved, before any performance, by the KFAC Director and the Burley Fire Department.
  • Pyrotechnic devices must be shielded to prevent ejecta from injuring bystanders.
  • Pyrotechnic devices must be electrically controlled with a clearly marked on/off switch.
  • Pyrotechnic devices must be manufactured by a licensed company. No “homemade” devices will be allowed.
  • In no case shall fire codes be violated.

Presenters may be required to run a full test of their pyrotechnic effect before the show, with no audience, in the presence of the KFAC Director and a representative of the Burley School District.