Welcome To The King Fine Arts Center In Burley

The center was opened on March 1, 1999 with a Gala Grand Opening Concert that saw all 1300 seats filled and some three-hundred people turned away at the door. Since then the center has been host to many performances and activities including the record-setting runs of “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz” both with over 8000 people in attendance! The first year of operation saw ninety activities in the center with an attendance of just over sixty-thousand. On December 11, 2001 the King Fine Arts Center reached 100,000 in attendance. With the suport of the community we plan to continue to house the arts for many years to come.

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  • Tarzan Cast Announced
    Posted by Cameron Briggs on November 22, 2016

    Tarzan 2017 Cast Father/Male Soloist – Kent Jensen Mother/Female Soloist – Brenda Ramirez Leopard – Tate Peterson Tarzan – Andrew Gibby Young Tarzan – Zane Muir Jane – Aliina Gibby Understudy to both Young Terk and Young Tarzan – Caleb Loveland Clayton – Emmett Koyle Snipe – Jacob Reichert Kala – Ashley Ludlow Kerchak – …

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