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Thank you to all who auditioned. We saw over 160 talented individuals. There was just no way to put everyone in the cast. We have invested 30 plus hours auditioning and agonizing over this process. We realize there are going to be disappointments. Of the 160 auditions’, 39 were children under 15, for three roles. We are simply unable to accommodate all the kids that were talented and interested. We hope you understand.

Unless we hear from you otherwise, we welcome you to the 2014 cast of Les Miserables.

We will be in touch as soon as the rehearsal CD’s are available.  More solo parts/lines will be assigned during rehearsals.


Most sincerely,

Directors Janie Hudgens (hudjanie@cassiaschools.org) and Dusty Fisher (fisdougl@cassiaschools.org)


Chain Gang        

Jean Valjean      Randy Lofgren

Convict #1   David Cook
Convict #2   Wayne Blauer
Convict #3   Trendan Hines
Convict #4   Cody Gochnour
Convict #5   Ken Jensen
David Allred
Cameron McHan
Kaleb Cantu
Andrew McClain
Spencer McClain
Shiloh Lofgran
Anthony Maldonado
Marcus Shortzman
Jordan Hanson

Prison Officers

Police Inspector Javert    Scott Lofgren

Mason Wittman
Morgan Hunt
Hunter Faux

Village of Digne

Farmer                          Burton Anderson
Laborer                         Andrew McClain
Innkeeper’s Wife            Lori Wilson
Innkeeper                      David Wilson
Bishop of Digne             Clay Handy
Constable #1+ #2           Pablo Silvz

The Factory

Factory Forman             Jaron Simonson
Fantine                          Cherie Hamilton
Nasty Factory Girl          Gail Gillette

Woman Factory Works

Sheri Allred
Ursula Byington
Carolyn Hondo
Ashley Tegan
Meghan Anderson
Anna Primrose
Alicia Mickelsen
Joy Dring
Bethany Jensen
Gabriella Torres
Katya Zugeva
Itzel Chavez
Camilla Jolley
Kasiah Morrison
Emilia Jensen

Woman #1                     Heather Simonson
Man #1+Woman #2        Ashley Ludlow
Man #2 Woman #3         Alexandra Ready
Woman #4                     Bobby Ann Granados

Fauchelevant                           Cameron McHan
Champmathieu                        Jeff Jensen

On the Docks

Sailor #1                        Kaleb Cantu
Sailor #2                        Shiloh Lofgren
Sailor #3                        Jordan Hansen
Constable #1                  Spencer McClain
Constable #2                  Anthony Maldonado
Pimp                             Kent Jensen
Bamatbois                      Alan Nelson

(Whores on the dock)
Lilly Merrill
Amy Darrington
Anja Crocker

Old Woman 1 (Locket Broker)  Melani McBride
Whore #1                               Taucia Jensen
Old Woman 2 (Hair Broker)      Pamela McHan
Whore         (Deary)                Paige Beck
Whore #2                               Noel Nelson
Whore #3                               Nikki Mulligan

Thenardier’s Inn

Little Cosette/Little Eponine      Kida Spencer/Kesenya McHan     (role sharing)
Grown up Eponine                           Tegan Durfee
Grown up Cosette                   Briyana Latham
Misère Thenardier                   Dan Hendricks
Madame Thenardier                 Ginger Armstrong

Thenardier’s Gang               

Montparnasse                Cody Gochnour
Babet                            David Cook
Brujon                           Wayne Blauer
Claquesous                      Cameron McHan

ABC Revolutionary Students

Enjolras                         Mike Ramsey
Marius Pontmercy          Brad Reynolds
Feuilly                           Hayden Allred
Combeferre                   Dalon Koyle
Courfeyrac                    Josh Beck
Joly                              Clancy Crane
Grantaire                       Brian Muir
Lesgles                          Noah Mitton
Jean Prouvaire               Cade Shirley
Gavroche                         Hayden Morrison


Army Officer                 Wayne Blauer
Sentry                           Marcus Shortzman
Sentry                           Caleb Lofgren

Javert’s Suicide Song

#1 Ursula Byington
#2 Taucia Jensen
#3 Gail Gillett
#4 Lilly Merrill
#5 Sheri Allred
#6 Paige Beck
#7 Pamela McHan
#8 Melani McBride

Major Domo         Burton Anderson


Assorted Urchins

Marissa Dominguez
Todd Wilson
Kassidy Karlson
Jared Lofgran
Leshette Rosales
Levi Welch
Melissa McMurry