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Oh yes! There is lots and lots of trouble headed our way. But not the type of trouble you might be thinking of.

If you aren’t familiar with The Music Man then watch this:


And this…


Wasn’t that fun?

Mt. Harrison is putting on Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man starting Feb. 20th with 9 shows. Why should you go?

The Top 7 Reasons to go see The Music Man

1. 50+ local community members will be in the performance. You might know one of them. You might be one of them and by golly you better be if you are in it.

2. You can catch up on your Netflix movies a different time.

3. The Super Bowl is over and our show is just starting to run (unlike the Seahawks.)

4. Did you see Les Miserables last year? Same Producer, same Theater Group, Some of the same Actors.

5. The show also has this song and dance…

6. Honestly, It’s Mini-Cassia… What else are you going to do?

7. Did we mention it’s Mini-Cassia?

Ok, that should be enough reasons. We would love your support and look forward to bringing the trouble to Burley at the King Fine Arts Center starting Feb 20th.

Click on the Big Picture below to buy your tickets now!

All seats are reserved so you had better get your seats faster than a jack rabbit dodging a spotlight.