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We all love Burley. After all, according to this sign it’s a great place to live.



With that in mind we wanted to put together a list of things to do during this super mild month of February that will keep you sane.

1. Take a stroll through Walmart.



After all, where else could you see late night TV worthy tricks like this in our lovely city? It’s also a place to have a conversation with that person you “kind of remember” from that “one place in town”.

2. Go on a date to McDonalds.


Nothing says “I love you” like a Big Mac. There are some romantic places in town, but good ol’ Mc’ Ds tops the list with their kids booths, and outdoor play area for some real flirting.

3. Get a job waving at friendly travelers.


Even though taxes are far from “fun” you know that waiving at vehicles at near freezing temperatures for 8 hours a day had to make the list. You haven’t lived until you’ve “Done The Wave” as the industry insiders call it.

4. Wait in the drive thru line at Taco Bandido.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.10.00 PM

The food is fantastic, but the key here is to not order. You simply wait until lunch time and see if the line is half way down Overland. If it is, then hop in and see if you can listen to your favorite soundtrack before getting to the window.

5. Go see the “The Music Man” at the King Fine Arts Center starting Feb. 2oth.



I mean, all of those other things are must do’s as well, but you only have a short window to see this production. If you don’t know anything about The Music Man then read this.  If you do know something about it, then choose your date and buy your ticket today! As a special bonus for getting to the bottom of this post you can use the code “2off” during checkout for $2 off per ticket for the Feb 20th, 21st, and 23rd shows. The code will only work for a few more days so you had better get er’ done.